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-------- COVID -19 --------

Sandpiper Hotel --- Foremost in Safeguarding against COVID-19

In accordance with guidelines from W.H.O. & Government of Malaysia, we have deployed a 4’S strategy of Surveillance, Safe Distancing, Sanitation and Sensitization.



  1. Temperature check with an Infrared thermometer at the door of all is done to weed out suspected ill persons.

  2. Signed declaration is taken from all on countries visited and any Influenza like illnesses etc to weed out suspected ill persons.

Safe Distancing

  1. Boxes have been marked in the reception lobby and in the lifts ensuring guests maintain one-meter safe distance from each other.

  2. Seats in lobby are distanced and marked to maintain safe distancing of 1 meter.



  1. Recurrent cleaning of public areas (lobby, elevator, door handles, public bathroom and corridor) with hospital-grade disinfectants.

  2. A disinfection & sanitization is done every week in all the hotel rooms & areas.



  1.  Anti-bacterial & anti-viral hand sanitizers are provided at the reception area.

  2. Masks & sanitizer bottles are available at minimal cost at the hotel reception.

  3. Providing proper cleaning and disinfecting supplies for workers.

  4. All hotel staff to wear face masks on hotel premises.

Sandpiper Hotel understands that each guest’s health and safety is our duty.

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